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You Matter

"It is our duty to ignite the spark of hope within our community and hold out hope for those who just haven't experienced all the wonderful possibilities of recovery yet."

Positive Pathways, Inc. was formed out of a desperate need for a recovery community and a passion to serve the long under-served rural population of Northeastern Georgia. The lived experience of the peers who run the Recovery Community Organization not only serves those seeking recovery currently, but their support systems. They have lived both sides of recovery. By working in the RCO they are fueling their own recovery daily, their peers are gaining recovery experience, strength and hope, and the entire community and system is changing by incorporating peers from both sides of the system in their Recovery Oriented Systems of Care.

You Are What Drives Us. 

Positive Pathways, Inc. is an independent, nonprofit organization. Although, our organization maintains that status we are committed to working with and for our community members. How do we do that? We have an established Coalition of Positive Peers, which is an open community meeting anyone from the recovery community may attend quarterly to give us feedback on services the community would like to receive, community events, how the organization is run and staff members. We have created a Positive Community Partnership Alliance for local/state organizations to collaborate and coordinate resources for care to offer to community members who enter the Recovery Community Organization. Positive Pathways, Inc. itself, is formed of the Board of Directors and Peer Support and Volunteer Staff.

Meet Our Team

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Shawna Harkins

Co-Founder/Executive Director


Linda Beaver

Volunteer Coordinator


David Gowder

Board Member

Jon Cox.JPG

Jon Cox

Board Member

Some Of Our Positive Community Partners

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