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The MOST precious, valuable and nonrenewable resource in the world.

What is the most valuable and precious nonrenewable resource in the world? Is it coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear energy? I mean these are all nonrenewable fossil fuels that our world scarcely depends on to function, but let's think a little differently... What do we need as people to survive day to day life if we took away our cars, our televisions and technology? I mean I know that kind of world sounds bleak, but daily just to function or late at night when we crave attention and someone to rehash our daily activities with. Would a party be a party, if it was just us? Would work be as productive if we didn't have our co-workers and we all didn't work as a team? We as human beings need connection. We need people in our life to value, to nurture and to experience everything that life has to offer with. The most valuable and precious nonrenewable resource in the world is people's time. If someone is offering to share their life with you, you value every single minute that you get to be by their side. If you have an employee that works for you, you not only value the work that they do for you, but be grateful for the time they put in with you and your company. Learn about them, grow with them and invest in them. Don't take lightly when someone chooses to give you a piece of their life because that is honestly something that they will not get back and in a world full of options they have made the decision to spend their time with you. I arrived at this topic while reading "Dare to Lead", surprise, surprise, it is authored by Brene Brown. I kept going on through the day though, and I came across another article in Forbes about the next generation of leaders, and how we should be nurturing them, investing our time in bringing them up. Teaching them everything we know so that they can be great, daring and innovative future leaders and thinkers. This is something that we do with our children, we guide them, we teach them and mentor them. We do it in NA/AA and other programs similar to that. It is extremely successful in transforming people's lives. Now what if we did this with everyone, our employees, our friends, our co-workers and strangers. We all just became a giant network supporting one another, teaching one another, mentoring one another, and we took every opportunity available to us to make the effort to help someone progress, feel better about themselves or be successful. I know, from first hand experience and from proven trials and watching it happen numerous times in management training programs and NA/AA, that the world would be a more connected and accepting place. We could learn to see past the covers of people and really get into who we are, what our goals and aspirations are, and overall everyone would be far more successful. This is the key to raising the poverty line. This is the key to having a more productive business. This is the key to having more valuable relationships. Do not squander the most valuable and precious nonrenewable resource when it is offered to you, seize it, treat it with care, be grateful for it.

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