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My Mind is Like....

My mind is like an airfield with ever flowing traffic lately, or like the Atlanta interstate loop during rush hour just jammed with ideas with nowhere to go. I had a meeting on Tuesday with the Sheriff in Towns County. It went well I think. I got some advice there to focus in on my idea though. I have this problem as a creative where I have a grand vision. I can see it all. I can see 2 years, 5 years into the future. I can see it all happening the community relations, exactly what everything will take, the building and planning of it all, and most importantly, I see the end goal and the end result. I have learned through this project that not everyone has that creative ability to see into the future, to build and to plan. It isn't a bad thing if you don't have it and honestly, sometimes I see this creative gift of mine as a curse. For example, yesterday when I came home I got out my markers and I sat in front of my giant post it pad and white board in my room. I wrote out my entire vision. All day I spent the day in a tizzy running around checking details, making sure I had every detail of this plan nailed down and didn't leave any room for error. I know that over time this vision will be modified and I must say it did feel good to type it up and send it out to the 30 or so people in the community I have met and spoke with about the Recovery Community Organization. I have received really good feedback, to be honest, about the program. Everyone offers their support and then guides me in good direction to the next appropriate people who can help me along my path. I have only met resistance with a few people I have spoke with. The truth is I know our community needs this, and it is the perfect time for something like this. I know with Covid-19 everyone is feeling isolated and alone, and people have been left to their own devices for far too long. It will be good to get some structure back into some peoples lives. I feel like I am alone on this journey, but I know I am not. My mind tells me I am sometimes, but my telephone keeps ringing and the emails keep coming. Opportunity keeps coming. This is going to happen. I need to have faith that I am moving in the right direction. I know I am. Positive self talk sounds so lame, but really it has been one of the most valuable tools in my life. That and keeping people in my life that inspire me and life me up. Not people that shower me with compliments no matter what I do, but people that hold me accountable, keep me responsible, and show up for me when I need them to. The people that inspire hope and change in me are the people that I keep close to me. If you're not trying to better your life the same ways I am trying to better my life then we probably aren't a good match because I'll always be moving forward while you are standing still. So speak kindly to yourself always, and have at least one person in your life that will show you compassion, hold you accountable and give you hope. It can be a tough bill to fill, so choose wisely. Who you surround yourself with is generally who you end up becoming. I am always here if you need me. I am vigilantly working over here on trying to pull together a solid Recovery Community Organization for us all to retreat to. Hold tight. I will have an update soon about a few new meetings, in person and via zoom. For those of you in accountability courts I look forward to working with you to make the video testimonials and to raise awareness for the Community Listening Session. I am genuinely excited.

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