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Living Your Best Life

One thing I have noticed since meeting people and getting to know different individuals through starting Positive Pathways is that so many of us are so unaware of what our basic needs and wants are. What are our goals, our desires, what do we like and dislike? It is essential for our overall wellness that we identify these things and that we truly get to know ourselves inside and out. Often we seek out the "American Dream", relationships and love. We believe we will find happiness in other people, either through monogamy or sexual relationships, but if we are not truly satisfied how can we expect another person to satisfy us? If we do not truly know our likes and dislikes, how can we properly convey that to another? If we have not taken the time to develop into the very best version of ourselves aren't we selling ourselves short? These are just things to think about. Life, a truly fulfilled life, is about life balance. Do we take the time to develop our hobbies, likes and interest? Are we going after our hopes, dreams and goals? Do we have a job that allows us to access our full potential and provide for ourselves and our family? Are we keeping up with healthy habits? Good social activities, staying connected with our social support system and are we doing something for our physical and/or mental health and wellness? Even if we don't struggle with substance use and we aren't in long term recovery, today is a day in age where we all struggle with social anxiety or stress. Living a balanced life and accessing your full potential, through hobbies, and rediscovering who you are, will reduce your stress and anxiety levels.

Thank you all for your continuous love and support.

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